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Ghost stories from around the world

Haunted buildings: Vienna, Austria

World's most haunted buildings (© Hertha HurnausWien Museum)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Predjama Castle)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© The Mount)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Hertha HurnausWien Museum)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Margam Castle)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Mary A Behre)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Point Lookout Lighthouse)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Fisher Pond Great House)
  • World's most haunted buildings (© Monte Cristo Homestead)
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Vienna, Austria

Any city as fascinated by death as Vienna is bound to be full of spooks, and the ghost of Schubert, or someone close to the great composer, manifests itself in the house where he was born. But it's only on 19 November, the date he died aged 31, when the poltergeist can be heard whispering and tapping.

There are also ghosts in the city’s Imperial Palace – but they only tend to come out when tourists leave the premises for the night. Empress Sisi, Vienna's answer to Princess Diana, was startled by the ghost of writer Heinrich Heine when making notes in her journal one night, and other restless souls are said to haunt the corridors.

31/10/2013 15:26
The Mount haunted? that's a new one on me, never knew The Mount in Wigan was considered haunted; never heard anyone mention it being haunted, although I do know of a pub in the Upholland area near Wigan (The White Horse I think it's called) that is known to be haunted. Oh! and why is Chingle Hall in Lancashire not mentioned here? that is certainly known to be very haunted. Where do they get these figures from I wonder. 
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