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In pictures: Frozen Planet

Nesting penguins

Nesting penguins (© JWilson_JJW)
  • Aquatic stalking (© J Roberts)
  • The chase (© J Roberts)
  • The great Aleutian gathering (© J Aitchinson)
  • Nesting penguins (© JWilson_JJW)
  • Adelies going for a walk (© JW_JJW)
  • Canadian wolves (© C Hunter)
  • Fighting seals (© M Swarbrick)
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On Ross Island, in the Antarctic, male Adelie penguins arrive at a colony first, to choose the best site, spending some time gathering stones for their nest piles and stealing from any unguarded piles nearby. The arriving females seem to be impressed by a male's stone-gathering ability and can be won over with stone presents. It may be that a well-built stone nest can protect the eggs and chicks from melting snow and mud.

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