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Places to visit next year - according to you


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Suggested by @mrdavidwhitley for its remote location, Kiribati is one of the sunniest places on Earth. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, it is slow-paced and idyllic; people tend to live in thatched huts and have a diet of breadfruit, fish and coconuts.

19/12/2012 16:40

Sri Lanka - still the most wonderful country that I have ever visited.


The wildlife, culture, weather, scenery and the people.........wow......I went there just before all the trouble kicked off and if it's only 50% as good then add it to your bucket list.

19/12/2012 15:34
off limits southern part of Sri Lanka? don't you mean the northen part?
19/12/2012 21:00
Visited Cuba in the summer of 2011 and it is a beautiful country with amazing scenery. The resort I went to was well worth the money, the food was amazing, the beach was white sand and bright blue sea and the people are very humble. The culture there is different and it was nice to be able to mix in with the cubans. Would love to go back if i could afford it again, however I would be careful about going into major city centres where there are a few dodgy characters about, but other than that I would highly recommend it.
19/12/2012 17:15
Maldives...  The most beautiful place on earth...  Its not even featured...
20/12/2012 11:45
Anywhere that hasn't been devastated by humans.  Outer space perhaps?
19/12/2012 19:02
Botswana, would love to visit the Kalarhi
08/01/2013 13:12
have just returned from a christmas break in Cuba and it is truly fascinating. The people are so friendly and despite what the rest of the world thinks of the regime they live under, they are happy people. Wouldn't hesitate to go back and spend more time photographing the towns and cities. Go before it changes!
19/12/2012 15:47
Just back from Chiang Mai, such a wonderful place.  Culture, great food and great people.

I can endorse a few of those choices from personal experience.


Svalbard is stunning but you need to do it expedition-style from a relatively (150-200ft) small boat and the window in the weather for trips like that is very tight. I was there in June and it was fabulous but when I went back in late August things just suddenly changed one day, we had 120mph winds with moving pack ice over a couple of days and spent three days plowing into a rolling sea. There's really nothing at Longyearbyen and no land transport to get any real distance from there. On a boat you can visit the fjords, the old whaling stations and even the Walrus colony on Moffen. 


I was in Croatia at the wrong time (1991!) but it is fabulous. Lots of small resorts on the coast or on rocky islands in the Adriatic. Worth considering for independent travel (fly out and get a hire car) because the tour operators seem to concentrate on the main centres. Leaving the coast and going inland is also an option. Just remember that only 20 years ago this land was the scene of one of the bloodyiest ethnic conflicts seen in Europe during the 20th century. And watch the beer - it's about 11-12% alcohol, same as wine, and the after effects can be painful.


Iceland is also staggering. During the Summer months you can take your car on the ferry that docks in Seysdisfjordur, you used to be able to get there from Scrabster in Scotland but you can also go through Denmark. While you are heading that way consider the Faroe Islands, absolutely stunning.


20/12/2012 01:22
People, visit Lebanon.. Despite all the past trouble and conflict, it's still a haven for the lovers of life. The best nightlife IN THE WORLD (believe me- you won't believe it until you see it).. The Lebanese love to party till sunrise! Obviously the most delicious food (our cuisine is everywhere).. An amazing, heavenly country: deep gorges, magic caves such as Jeitta Grotto (finals in 7 world natural wonders), pine covered hills and mountains, great private-public beaches (the best in the south), THE WARMEST people ever with amazing hospitality.. Beirut isn't paris of the east, it's better!! Lebanon's like a world package, whatever you find anywhere in the world, you'll find in this beautiful, multi-cultural, tiny green country. Visit Lebanon and be amazed on what this small country has to offer, from 7000 years of different civilizations to beautiful, re-constructed churches and mosques side by side in wonderful Beirut.
20/12/2012 13:24

Norway. Nothing so spectacular; crisp, clean air and wonderful people.


19/12/2012 15:57

a "must visit" to the whole island. Hills to river cruise to beaches.

20/12/2012 10:10
The Falkland Islands had the pleasure of going there 3 times, Saunders Island is stunning.
19/12/2012 17:15

I have booked the holidays in the middle part of sri lanka. I have booked following hotels as well.



Might be one of the hevens. Fingers crossed.....

28/12/2012 09:15
Gracias por estas maravillosas fotos y capturas.
20/12/2012 10:03
Bora Bora yes! Thats where I am going on my honeymoon. Cannot wait!
19/12/2012 17:37
Heading to Kathmandu, in the shadow of Everest
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