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Road trip: where to drive the world's best roads

The world's best road trips: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lonely Planet recently named this route the world's best road trip, and it's not hard to see why. The 185-mile route passes through some of Canada's most beautiful landscapes, including the Cape Breton Highlands national park and the Margaree river. It's equally spectacular throughout the year.

In spring you'll see lumps of sea ice floating offshore and in autumn, the tree-filled landscape transforms into a blur of red, orange and yellow.

10/03/2014 15:25
The route Marrakech to Chefchaouen is a long and hugely diverse trip  - it goes through the Middle Atlas mountains, where good accommodation can be difficult to find, past Fez/ Meknes and into the foothills of the Rif mountains (not mentioned by MSN). 
Chefchaouen (http://www.naturallymorocco.co.uk/destinations/chefchaouen/) is a lovely place to visit, but probably best accessed from Fez, rather than at the end of an epic drive.
Whilst the Middle Atlas are beautiful (ancient forests etc) a more compact and probably more stunning route takes you south of Marrakech into the High Atlas mountains - as covered by the Sunday Times, most memorable driving trips - http://www.naturallymorocco.co.uk/about-us/morocco-travel-blog/sunday-times-travel-most-memorable-driving-trips.html
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