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The world's scariest rides

Insanity, The Stratosphere, Las Vegas, US

Insanity, The Stratosphere, Las Vegas, US (© AP Images)
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3Gs might not sound like that much but when the Gs in question are experienced while being suspended over the edge of the 112-storey Stratosphere tower, you can understand why this ride has the most die-hard adrenaline junkies quaking in their boots.

Insanity comprises a huge mechanical arm extending 64 feet out from the top of the Stratosphere tower. Passengers sitting in the carriages attached to the arm are spun at speeds of up to 40mph whilst the seats also tilt to an angle of 70 degrees, offering those onboard a breath-taking but vomit-inducing view of the city below.

24/03/2012 19:15

The scariest ride i ever had was in july 1986

 it was called julie It was so good I'm still riding her.Smile



The Scariest ride i have been on was the cable car at Southport U.K.

It was all creaking & Juddering i don't think it had been maintained for years

I really was glad to ger off,2 months later it broke with fatal consequencies.

24/03/2012 10:06
the scariest ride ive been on was when my dad was driving down a single lane road at 80mph
24/03/2012 12:58
the scariest ride i ever had, if you can call it a "ride" was the old wooden escalators, in Londons Underground at Baker Street, there were more of course, but they clattered and shook as they took you up and down and too a 10 year old they were very scary, still haunt me to this day.
24/03/2012 14:55
the black hole when it first opened was the one i liked. but went on it years later. did not look or feel the same. i am sure there were no lights in it when i first went on it lol.
26/05/2012 09:38
Gosh! This ride was appalling! Queuing for 30 minutes was NOT worth it! LOL! No wonder people call it subterrable! Its not even worth it! Though we do have a Merlin Pass! Im going on Oblivion (DEATH HOLE!) tomorrow! :D
My partner says the scariest ride she's been on is tthe log flume in bridlington, She was on it a couple of days before the woman and her granddaughter came off it, it stalled 2 times in places where it shouldn't, and the belt was torn in front of her.
24/03/2012 12:50
Grr again on the swarm section of course the test dummies thing was a publicity stunt, do you really think a rollercoaster could be opened if it wasn't 100% safety tested. Also the swarm does not do any loops in the traditional sense let alone multiple. First there is the inverted drop(doesn't really have a name yet), then a Zero-G-Roll, an inclined loop, a corkscrew, and an inline twist. Most of these are inversions not loops. Do your research!   
24/03/2012 12:39
 The last sentence of the X2 bit makes no sense what so ever "Although if the thought of seats that move freely around worries you, you'll be pleased to know that the law of gravity means that riders usually spend the majority of the ride in the same position - face down"

No they are controlled by a second set of rails which controls how the seats are positioned.

Did a chimp write this?

10/05/2012 15:50
this ride was AWFUL! luckily we didnt have to queue but feel sorry for the people who do, its a tiny drop and over in 30 seconds. so bad. so so bad. 
24/03/2012 19:16
Swarm will never be a great coaster. To be a great coaster, you must be able to ride with arms up. Health and safety gremlins at Thorpe Park have installed wuss seats that keep your arms down.
 X2 is just one long rush, worth the trip to California on its own!
13/06/2012 12:37
What?? This is a joke isn't it! It lasts about 30 seconds and it's not even fast! Wild Eagle in Dollywood is twice the size and ten times better!
26/03/2012 21:09
The scariest ride i went on was called sky flyer and it was at Flamingo Land. it one of them 360 rides, but it was creaking when it started to go upside down, it was meant to stay at the same speed going upside down and back but it slowed down and even stopped and wobbled at the top. me and my friend was terrified
10/05/2012 13:34
"sub terra" is the worst ride ive ever been on. its complete rubbish. ive been to 6 flags, universal,islands of adventure,seaworld,disney.... all quite a number of times.. and im sorry but the uk is never going to do it properly.
24/03/2012 19:00
David Miller, I'm a prime example of why that wouldn't work. I love scary rides, I plan on going on the Nemesis Sub-Terra when I go next week, however I slept in my sister's room on an air bed for a week after watching The Exorcist.
25/03/2012 00:33
been on this ride apocalypse 6 times in a row and done all of the options given  loved it , love stuff like this
04/04/2012 15:53
I have ridden Kingda Khan at Six Flags (its not as scary as it looks) but would have to say Apocalypse scares me more!
12/06/2012 17:47
stelf i they worst ride in the world over in 11 second, you dont even have time to ****
24/03/2012 10:47
As soon as someone dies of a heart attack on one of these, those Elf 'n' Safety goblins will close them all down.  If you want to be really scared, just watch The Exorcist (the Director's Cut)  with the sound turned up and no lights in the room.  And you won't have to queue for hours either. lol!
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