22/11/2011 17:50 | By Poorna Shetty, editor, MSN Travel
Travel of the future: cloud-shaped airship

A futuristic airship may defy the idea of travelling at high speed, but my, it's pretty.

A futuristic airship may defy the idea of travelling at high speed, but my, it's pretty. (© Tiago Barros)
  • A futuristic airship may defy the idea of travelling at high speed, but my, it's pretty. (© Tiago Barros)
  • Passing Cloud (© Tiago Barros)
  • Passing Cloud (© Tiago Barros)
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Passing Cloud, the futuristic airship that, if built, would bob around the United States, offers passengers the "full floating sensation" according to designer Tiago Barros. We're not sure how air traffic control or vertigo-sufferers feel about this, but it is beautifully designed and, if it is ever built, will offer an utterly thrilling ride.

24/11/2011 13:38

A shame that some people don't check their facts or use their heads before posting comments.

The 'bang' in airships of old was due to their being filled with Hydrogen, this because the Americans controlled the supply of helium at that time and would not supply to the European manufacturers.

Helium is totally inert and perfectly safe in modern airships.

Why on earth would a terrorist want to fly into one when he could choose from almost infinite ground targets?

And even shooting at one from the ground would not have much effect. Bullets would pass right through leaving only a small puncture with very slight resultant leakage.

Of interest, 'lighter than air' aircraft, i.e. balloons and airships, have been the safest means of flight for many years past.

Ex-pilot JN

That is a great idea Tongue out   They are better than the normal ones Wink
24/11/2011 14:26

If I seen something like that floating above me when I was driving there might be a bad outcome at the next corner.

If you really want to see what its like to stand on air have a go on a bouncy castle.

24/11/2011 13:37
Wayne i have to agree with you I am also fed up of seeing these people advertising their sites and report it every time i see them but hey ho....2 mins later they are back on MSN please do something about it.
24/11/2011 12:41

Can I book my tickets  now, love it :)

24/11/2011 12:15
Any chance of letting us comment on items that actually matter? 
24/11/2011 11:05
ageming and some1. f..k off everytime i look you have got to be their.my best friend you have no friends.msn you need to do something about this or are you getting paid for their adverts.these posts are supposed to be refering to the topic you have on show such as this cloud traveling.it wont work anyway as the r.a.f. will fly into them. Lightning   
24/11/2011 10:53
Very cool idea! But how would it and the passengers handle turbulent weather?
24/11/2011 10:49
Its a good idea and very green, looks safe . but lets face it, who wants to be outside above the clouds in minus 10 degrees?
24/11/2011 11:03
why does america always comeup with stupid ideas when they normal steal it from us british - do they think a terrorist wont be able to hit that big blob with an airliner? or what about a gust of wind? just dont fly it over the subberbs where here is high gun crime - someone might just puncture it. also are they not forgetting how dangerous airships are? they only need to rewind back to the past to see why the old airships were took out of commission. BANG
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