16/12/2012 21:47
Britain extreme weather lol, it has the most boring climate in the world, never very hot and hardly ever cold
17/12/2012 11:44



Thanks to the insane energy prices caused by the Green nutters and their fraudulent Ponzi Schemes, I thought it was gran's living room.


Not quite as bad as Germany yet (according to Der Spiegel, 800,000 homes cut off by last June, because they can't afford electricity there any more), but we're catching up.

16/12/2012 21:44
Vostok Station,In the southern hemisphere, there was no argument about the coldest place. The coldest temperature ever recorded on the land is recorded at Vostok Station, heading inland Russian research in Antarctica. On July 21, 1983, the thermometer recorded a temperature of-128, 6 ° F (-89.2° C). Add to the impression that the Russian people are the ones who bear the cold brrrrrrrrrrr
Back in 2004 the wife and I stayed a night in Andora on the way to Flix in Northern Spain. When we left the hotel in Andora it was -6c. Two hours later we passed through Lerida in Northern Spain and the temp there was +36c..
18/12/2012 13:35
Sorry, you are all wrong, it`s my fricking Bedroom brrrrrrrrrrrr
17/12/2012 10:55

RE: Mawsynram, India.  Perhaps its not surprising that Alf's got a comma in the wrong place.  That should be 11,872mm or almost 12m of rain a year!

16/12/2012 17:43
Actually the coldest place in the world and perhaps universe is in a laboratory in baton rouge
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