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Underwater magic: where to see the world's sea creatures

Churaumi, Okinawa, Japan

Churaumi, Okinawa, Japan (© Churaumi aquarium)
  • Sea Aquarium, Singapore (© Sea Aquarium)
  • Sea Aquarium, Singapore (© Sea Aquarium)
  • Georgia Aquarium (© Georgia Aquarium)
  • Burj Al Arab lobby aquarium (© Burj Al Arab)
  • Berlin Aquadom, Radisson Blu (© Radisson Blu)
  • Churaumi, Okinawa, Japan (© Churaumi aquarium)
  • Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Toronto, Canada (© Ripley's Aquarium of Canada)
  • Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai (© Dubai Mall Aquarium)
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The enormous Churaumi aquarium is one of the few aquariums to keep whale sharks in captivity, although whether that's a good thing or not depends on your outlook. Churaumi (meaning beautiful ocean) is the world’s second largest aquarium with over 26,000 animals contained in 77 tanks. The largest tank, known as Kuroshio Sea, incorporates the world's second largest acrylic panel, which measures eight meters by 22.5 meters and has a thickness of 60 centimetres.

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18/04/2013 05:31
It is incredibly cruel to keep animals like whales. dolphins and sharks in aquaria. These mammals and fish need huge oceans to express their natural behaviour - many migrate thousands, even tens of thousands of miles in the seas. Let all of these magnificent creatures go! When will mankind stop being so selfish, stupid and cruel?
18/04/2013 12:13
These animals are pulled violently and unpleasantly from the sea just for money. It's a shameful practice and you should not go to these centres - go swimming in the sea instead. Also, watch The Cove (an Oscar winning documentary from 2009) here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eknshN_uhM - you'll see how the Japanese slaughter the dolphins they don't need and feed the mercury ridden food to school children.

All you're doing by attending these places is furthering the cruelty, and making ****s very rich.

18/04/2013 07:50
Where? In the sea of course, GO DIVING! It is healthy and mega fun!
23/05/2013 10:36
There won't be any marine mammals at the Toronto Aquarium 
18/04/2013 05:09
Where to see the world's sea creatures ? In the sea ? Finding Nemo ? The Little mermaid ? A Sharks tale ?
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