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Best winter beaches

Our beach expert picks out the best gems, from short to long haul.

Our beach expert picks out the best gems, from short to long haul. (© Stuart Pearce_Getty Images)
  • Our beach expert picks out the best gems, from short to long haul. (© Stuart Pearce_Getty Images)
  • Porto Santo, Portugal (© Holger Leue_LP)
  • Laguna, Egypt (© Anna Segeren_Rex Features)
  • Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain (© Ruth Eastham and Max Paoli_LP)
  • Oualidia, Morocco (© Alberto Coto_Getty Images)
  • Famara Beach, Lanzarote (© Andreas Weibel_Getty Images)
  • Plage des 5000 Ans, Tunisia (© Grayce Roessler_Getty Images)
  • Meads Bay, Anguilla (© Danita Delimont_Getty Images)
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Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Spain
One for water-sports lovers, the vast stretch of sand at Sotavento stretches down the south-east coast of the island, and is renowned for its year-round winds and warm temperature. The beach is dotted with resort areas, but there are long stretches between that are totally free of development - perfect for lazy afternoons watching the kite-surfers leap and twist above the waves.

Annabelle Thorpe is the author of Britain's Best Seaside Escapes.

03/12/2011 17:00
Not one of those beaches shown can compare (strictly my opinion!!) with the beautiful unspoilt beaches of the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. The island is known as "The Jewel of the Hebrides" for very good reason. Sand as white as driven snow and on many occasions, mine have been the only human footprints to be seen  
whoever compiled this list is not very well travelled are they??There are other airlines besides Ryanair and Easyjet, try going a bit further afield?  Have look at Myer Bay and Patong Beach in Thailand and anywhere in the Maldives, Oh and on the other side of the world is a little known  sea called The Pacific, it has quite a few beaches.
03/12/2011 17:23
Hi you will find some beautiful unspoilt beaches in Vietnam but there are great beaches all over the world take the coramandel in new zealand with its hot springs you can sit in
03/12/2011 03:00

Absolutely love Fuerteventura! it,s the sort of place that you wont ever want to return home,

East side of the Island Luscious beaches all the way down to Jandia, and interesting history

relating back to Sahara desert Nomads, Egyptians' ect, Island People a mixture of Spanish arabia

all very nice, great wine bars, recommend a jeep if you like Island hopping, a ferry leaves daily from

south Jandia over to Gran canary's, you can go Island hopping if you like.

I am seriously surprised Blackpool beach isn't in the list !
22/02/2012 00:05

I like Goa, get a bus to Mobor + walk up to Benaulim, maybe stop at a shack for a drink/snack/rest.

See the birds + hermit crabs and once I saw a baby turtle. Channels form in the sand that make natural swimming pools.

07/12/2011 20:01
love it steve moranSmile but chas seriously would you go to the outer hebrides for a winter sunshine beach break [ you know as per the above article?]
03/12/2011 09:22
Hello Annabelle

Very nice places,but there is only one paradise on earth...ITACARE - BRAZIL!!!
This is the Itacare  website,where you can see beautiful beaches,but it means nothing!!!
You must go and feel the strong energy of this place!!
03/12/2011 18:42
poo poo beach in the isle of poo........is a particular favourite of mine as is dog ****e bay...lovely...
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