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20/03/2013 10:15 | By Tamara Hinson, contributor, MSN Travel
Four days of fun: Easter Sunday

Best things to do on Easter Sunday 2013.

Kew Gardens (© Kew Gardens)
  • Kew Gardens (© Kew Gardens)
  • Marwell hotel, Winchester (© Marwell Hotel)
  • Harry Potter studio tour, Warner Bros Studios (© Warner Bros Studios)
  • Eden Project, Cornwall (© Eden Project)
  • Landguard Fort (© Landguard Fort)
  • The Deep, Hull (© The Deep)
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This Sunday the majority of it us will be stuffing our faces with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, so why not burn off some of those calories with a visit to one of the following attractions?

30/03/2013 08:15
Yeah thanks for that nothing within 200 miles of us then

'Cos that's what Christianity is all about. Entertaining the kids. If their parents had any decency about them they'd take the kids to see a crucifiction followed by letting them loose in a temple turning a few tables over. That way they'd get to see what the cost of vandalism was in the days when stories got embellished before being written down two hundred years after the event.

See Cruci (quite round) Fiction (not true.)


I just fancied seeing how many thumbs down this would garner today. It's the devil in me.     

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