14/11/2013 11:00 | By Suzanne King, contributor, MSN Travel
Extreme concierges

From soap and pool, to pet and tartan... read on for the world's most extreme concierge services.

Extreme concierges (© Fox Entertainment)
  • Extreme concierges (© Fox Entertainment)
  • Extreme concierges (© Viceroy Hotels & Resorts)
  • Extreme concierges (© Rosewood Hotels)
  • Extreme concierges (© Villa San Michele)
  • Extreme concierges (© Kristiana Hotel)
  • Extreme concierges (© Hotel Matilda)
  • Extreme concierges (© The Balmoral)
  • Extreme concierges (© The Benjamin)
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Hotel concierges everywhere will be heading for their local cinemas when Wes Anderson’s new release, The Grand Budapest Hotel, hits the screens next year. The star-studded movie follows the adventures of Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes), ‘legendary’ and unconventional concierge at a leading European hotel in the inter-war years, and will be premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February.

In the meantime, whet your appetite by checking out our selection of unusual concierges (and butlers) at hotels around the world…

14/11/2013 17:24

See that we can comment on this, yet the cyclist deaths in London we can't!

If the cyclists who were killed behave like the majority where I live I am not surprised by the comments from the mayor of London, no concern for any road signs or signals, ride on any side of the road, or pavement and at night usually in dark clothing with no lights on their bikes, yet everyone else is to blame!

14/11/2013 23:04
Some hotels in England give you automatic access to 'Chav' butlers... in fact almost all the staff can be Chav's if you're lucky.
come on boris you can do better than that
a tartan butler come on salomon is taking the pi.ss
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