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The world’s last remaining adventures

The impenetrable animal refuge

A maned wolf (© Alamy/Fernando Quevedo de Oliveira)
  • A maned wolf (© Alamy/Fernando Quevedo de Oliveira)
  • Russian brown bear on the Kamchatka Peninsula (© Alamy/David Tipling)
  • Google Earth image of Mt Mabu (© Google Earth)
  • The Blule Nile (© Getty/Andrew Holt)
  • View of mountains in British Columbia (© Getty/Dave Steers)
  • Melt water on the Greenland ice sheet (© Alamy)
  • Fly-fishing in Mongolia (© Getty/Dave Hamman)
  • Cliffs at Kangaroo Island - the 5km-deep canyon lies not far off the coast (© Getty)
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This vast area of thorn and scrubland on the border of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia has remained little developed because of its brutal climate. In particular, the three million hectare Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco national park, the largest in Bolivia, is an impenetrable thicket that protects some of the continent's last remaining jaguars, pumas, maned wolves, and at least one indigenous tribe that has no contact with the outside world.

Getting close: Tourism in Gran Chaco national park is almost nonexistent, but Amboro Tours offers three- and four-day excursions into the outer edges of the park from £150

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