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The world’s last remaining adventures

The forest of undiscovered creatures

A tepui in Venezuela (© Alamy/Robert Hildebrand)
  • A tepui in Venezuela (© Alamy/Robert Hildebrand)
  • Pharaoh cuttlefish compete for the attentions of a female in the Mergui Archipelago (© Alamy)
  • Gangkhar Puensum (© Getty)
  • Ruins of a gold mine in the Darien Gap (© Alamy)
  • Floating in a cenote in the Yucatan (© Getty/Jose Azel)
  • Forest elephants in the Ivindo national park, Gabon (© Alamy)
  • The Nyainqentanglha mountain range visible through prayer flags (© Getty)
  • A maned wolf (© Alamy/Fernando Quevedo de Oliveira)
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Aprada tepui, a remote rainforest mesa on the border of Venezuela and Guyana, is so little explored that in 2006 researchers discovered a cave - Cueva del Fantasma - large enough for a helicopter to fly into it. The area is also home to rare poison dart frogs, carnivorous plants and hundreds of other undiscovered species - and who knows, maybe a cave that can accommodate a jumbo jet.

Getting close:Orinoco Tours offers a 13-day hiking tour of Auyan Tepui, a similar mesa near the Rio Acanan, for around £1,000

11/12/2011 04:07
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