Updated: 15/11/2011 17:38
In pictures: spectacular 'new' natural wonders

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon (© Tim Barker_LP)
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  • Jeita Grotto, Lebanon (© Tim Barker_LP)
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The grotto houses the world's largest stalactite. Read more on the Jeita Grotto.

12/11/2011 08:56

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..... I've been lucky enough to see some of these places, the picture does not always tell the whole story, sometimes it does not show the damage us people can do along the way.


Responsible tourisum is the key.......  there are however many amazing views close at home if we choose to search and find them.

12/11/2011 12:06
Gutted!!! Missed out Margate again!
12/11/2011 04:22

@Michael Clarke - I would rather have a ramshackle road up to the Cliffs of Moher than have a super tourist highway and ruin the place. The Cliffs should never be changed and left as a hidden gem for both us Irish natives and tourists alike. As for Lisdoonvarna - it is brilliant - so what if you don't want to come back - there are many more to take your place. If you want to see Ireland at its best get off the tourist trail

12/11/2011 12:25

What would be more interesting is starting a list of the natural wonders of the British Isles...

Giant's Causeway, Fingal's cave, Great Whin Sill, Scarfell Pike, Glen Coe, Arkengarthdale, Ravenscar, Cheswick Sands... that's just getting started.

12/11/2011 02:00

I think the cliffs are the attraction not the roads and as such they are very impressive, wouldnt be very PC to run a motorway out to the west coast. If its roads you are after England has some nice ones I am surprised that the M25 hasnt made this list.

12/11/2011 16:20
time to give up my boring job and experience our wonderful planet. There is clearly more to life. 
12/11/2011 12:24

As Neil Oliver from BBCs Coast said, "There is no need to ever leave the British Isles again, there is that much beauty and stunning scenery here". Its true, and the heat in some of the foreign places is terrible.

I would love to climb Everest though, and see the Aurora Borealis from the North Pole!!

12/11/2011 14:36

Just climb Mt Kilimanjaro; it is one of the most beautiful Mount to climb, and breath taking scenery on roof of Africa

12/11/2011 14:18
Spectacular and wondrous sights our world has, to be a bird and visit them all, or  rich, superior to  the best of man made wonders.  Might add the Yorkshire Dales are quite spectacular, as are the cliff,s at Flamborough Head.

12/11/2011 14:07
scooter rider, get yourself signed up for an English course you dumbo!
12/11/2011 10:42

why isnt the giants causway in threre ? or is it already im not shure but it well deserves to be,


the rest i am inpressed with seen some vietnam i have been there and it is amazing there are people who live in that bay and rarly ever leave there boats or platforms but it is like being in an other world, and there people ar extreemly frendly

12/11/2011 09:03
Surely one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Well deserved nomination!
....yes, the spectacular natural beauty of this World just takes your breath away.

.....I have been to Doubtful sound and it was uber awesome and swam with the Dusky dolphins in KaiKoura--to be honest there are still a lot of places of incredible wonders to see. I'm restless!!!
12/11/2011 06:30
i have never commented on one of these stories before, but i simply had to after reading some of the stupid comments here........
nice to see halong bay, Kilimanjaro, great barrier reef and the milford sound on the list, oh sorry, we are only commenting on some rather average cliffs in ireland aren't we? seriously, who cares?
the great barrier reef contains nearly as many species of life as does the amazon (another more note-worthy than some cliffs inclusion to the list) and there are geological wonders such as the dead sea, table mountain, jeju island........but hey i am sure the roads to a bunch of average cliffs in ireland are much more interesting to talk about

12/11/2011 12:12
I would add to this list with a whole hoast of other places missing. The Skeleton coast - Namibia, Guilin - China, La Grotto Azzurra - Italy, Fingal's Cave - UK, The Giant's Causeway - Northern Ireland, The Pink Desert - Jordan, Ayr's Rock - Australia, The Ocean Road - Australia, Humboldt Redwoods State Park - USA.... and I could go on and on.    
12/11/2011 10:44
I have visited the Irish cliffs but too scared to go very close. There are also some  cliffs like these on the Orkneys.
Perhaps it's not possible to quantify or compare' amazing' so perhaps the whole exercise is suspect
rather sad person who complained about the dubious road in Ireland   -it's the countryside for goodness sake!
I also love the  cliffs at Hartland North Devon, but I'm afraid the road to reach them is rather narrow.

12/11/2011 14:49
Doubtful Sound In New Zealand is way more profound that Milford Sound. The moment you get when the engines are cut on the single boat in the area and everyone is asked to be silent for just a few minutes is just amazing.
12/11/2011 21:06
Best image of all (even tho i live in England) Look at the millions of years of in the layer of rocks ! a geological heaven ! Cliffs of Moher in County Clare ... beautiful !!
12/11/2011 05:54

The cliffs  of moher are fantastic much better than those of algeria.

12/11/2011 18:12
im suprised the giants causeway is not included !
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