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07/02/2013 12:16
10 free things to do this half-term

Half-term: free activities for kids

Red squirrel on Brownsea island (© Rex Features)
  • Red squirrel on Brownsea island (© Rex Features)
  • Sherwood Forest Country Park, Nottinghamshire (© PA Images)
  • Blackpool (© Visit England)
  • Durham Cathedral (© Visit Britain)
  • Brownsea Island (© Getty)
  • World Museum (© Rex Features)
  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (© Visit England)
  • Weston Park Museum (© Visit England)
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Half term with the kids doesn't have to cost the earth. If the weather is alright (and by that we mean not apocalyptic), there are plenty of beautiful walks, great old houses, museums and animals (such as this pretty red squirrel in Dorset) to see for free. Visit England have put forward 10 amazing things to do...  

... ( ... but I did all these last half-term ! ) ...
16/02/2013 22:17
Nice to see a list of "Things to do................" that isn't chock full of LONDON
16/02/2013 22:23
im pretty sure some of these things arent free to do, if the building is the travel there isn't if your not from them areas. and the majority is outside which is good to get children off computers etc but with the weather being so unpredictable its a bit of waste of money to maybe get there and the attraction be closed or whatever
17/02/2013 14:32
Why does MSN assume everybody has the same half term .  We had ours last week, kids back at school Monday.  And my week didn't cost the earth, lots of walks/ cycle rides (with geocaching thrown in to add some extra excitement) , letting the kids play outside with their friends.  Explore Gloucestershire is a good site for me to find free events, events that are local and keep petrol costs down, and always have to include free parking.
16/02/2013 22:43
none of these places are any where near me, in Herefordshire.....
17/02/2013 09:03
Its oky putting up information to do in half term. The problem however, all of these places are nowhere near where i live. My children and i have been round southampton ie; walk the walls, museams etc and if your skint  then these thing dont help!!!
16/02/2013 20:45
I'm just wondering if you guys know anything about school term times. My child goes back to school on Monday so this info is totally useless. Thanks very much.
17/02/2013 10:39
A bit late for our kids, back at school on Monday
18/02/2013 14:30
My kids are on half term this week so not everyone was last week. Its refreshing to see an article that isn't full of suggestions in Cornwall or Devon which get plenty of airtime. Your link to Runswick Bay however doesn't work. Check out twitter @runswick_bay if you need info on the village.
pay attention msn there back at school

wow some of these places are really nice but what if you live in london. it took £90 in petrol last year for me to go to blackpool.could you even image it now.and for a family to go to any of these places it would cost the earth.whats free. aint there anything in or near to london you can come up with.and not museums.i have seen them all several times over.


17/02/2013 18:03
at least its not about bloody celebs so i like this article
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