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22/03/2012 12:55 | By Poorna Bell, editor, MSN Travel
20 of Britain's beautiful historic gems

Breathtaking national treasures on your doorstep

Breathtaking national treasures on your doorstep (© Getty Images)
  • Breathtaking national treasures on your doorstep (© Getty Images)
  • Bodiam Castle, East Sussex (© NTPL_Andrew Butler)
  • Attingham Park, Shropshire (© NTPL_John Millar)
  • Corfe Castle, Dorset (© NTPL_Matthew Antrobus)
  • Cragside, Northumberland (© NTPL_John MIllar)
  • St Michael's Mount, Cornwall (© NTPL_David Noton)
  • The Workhouse, Southwell (© NTPL_ Ian Shaw)
  • Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, North Yorkshire (© NTPL_Andrew Butler)
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Do we take our national treasures for granted? We were fairly shocked to discover over 70,000 of England's monuments, listed buildings and churches have been damaged by vandals, as was revealed in a survey earlier this week. As an homage to these fallen beauties, we asked the National Trust to handpick 20 of their favourite places in Britain. The journey is quite spectacular...

23/03/2012 16:36

Scotland is in Great Britain.



23/03/2012 19:05

Laura, as a native of NI I believe Northern Ireland IS part of Britain because the full and proper title always was 'Great Britain and Northern Ireland' - which was also our proper Olympic name before the spin, money making marketing prats came up with 'Team GB'.


Secondly, all you Scots should know about your own country!  If you did, you would know as John rightly pointed out, Scotland has its own National Trust.  And wouldn't you all have hit the roof if the National Trust put up pictures of 'your' properties; claiming they would have no right to do so - you cannot have it both ways!


Thirdly, what a shame that so many beautiful pictures and the reason for which we are seeing them (highlighting the mindless vandalism to which they are subject) should be overshadowed by these mindless issues. 


Finally, could some of you please consult a book called an 'atlas'?  It might teach you not a little about basic geography in your own region of the world.

23/03/2012 18:30

So Scotland aint part of Britain anymore ! ?

23/03/2012 20:27

In school they taught me Scotland was part of Britain.

23/03/2012 13:45
I thought it said historic gems in Britain not just England

23/03/2012 14:28

Sean Ryder - do you need a map of Britain ??


Cragside/Penrhyn are in Wales


Castleward is in N Ireland



23/03/2012 18:11
So???....As usual...No place in Scotland is mentioned...Probably one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world...and The National Trust fails (AGAIN) to mention it....Where were these people educated?...The last i knew...Scotland...England,Wales and Northern Ireland make up the whole of Great Britain.
23/03/2012 20:45

I work at St Michaels Mount which is an absolute honour and priviledge


23/03/2012 18:01
is that it?-i thought the 'visit scotland' adverts castle looked better!
23/03/2012 16:30
Nice of them to include Scotland in "Britains beautiful historic gems"


23/03/2012 12:51
What awesome photos the National Trust have given to share. Makes me want to get up and go.
23/03/2012 20:39

Heather as a native myself I believe you are incorrect. You are missing a part of that statement which is the "the united kingdom of great britian and northern Ireland". At the end of the day this isnt a political statement and i do not want this type of conversion.


However, I do agree that there are missed gems in each country and that more tourism in each should be encouraged. Sometimes the best sites are at home. 

23/03/2012 19:59
What beautiful pictures I loved the St Michael Mount and would love to visit it, being Scottish I can understand how we could get our backs up at this slidshow but as Heather and John quite rightly pointed out we have our own National Trust and many many beautiful castles and places. So lets give MSN the chance to  show the rest of the country before we all fall out.
23/03/2012 15:52
Davey M, Lord Armstrong's home of Cragside is in Northumberland actually near Morpeth/Rothbury. Also not far from Alnwick (Alnwick Castle being famous for it's alias - Hogwarts). I know this to be fact because I visited both very recently indeed...!
06/04/2012 19:15
Great Britian is the name of the Island, where you will find England, Scotland and Wales, they are all seprate countries. Along with Northern Irland they make up the UK. Scotland maybe planning to become independant but I do not see how it can become seperate from the Island it partly makes up.
23/03/2012 18:24
Scotland has it's own national trust and whilst there are reciprocal arrangements for members it should be no surprise that the slides shown are all in the national trust's portfolio of properties.
23/03/2012 20:28

some real gems indeed


nothing in essex though Crying



24/03/2012 00:32
It would have been so much clearer and honest for MSN to declare 20 of England's most beautiful historic gems, I have no bones with that ,there are some cracking gems in England. But to have Britain as synonymous with England is very wrong. Britain is a union of England, Scotland (for the moment!) Wales and NI.
26/03/2012 09:47
Brian, of all the Armstrongs you mention, how many are actually lords? Also how many of them live at a place called Cragside?? & how many of them are in Wales?? So if you read it properly, I was refering to Cragside which is in this article & which is NOT in Walse, it is in Northumberland, like I said. Did I in anyway imply that there is only one man in the world called Lord Armstrong? No I did not. But there was only one Lord Armstrong to live at Cragside in this article. I can go into great detail about him if you wish?? He was a great man with an amazing mind.
23/03/2012 17:32
Once again we see the same mistake made by people that should no better,England is Britain and Britain is England.
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