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13/03/2012 17:06 | By Alastair Sawday, contributor, MSN Travel
Expert reveals top places to stay in spring

Make the most of the good weather with your friends and family by hiring one of these pads

Make the most of the good weather with your friends and family by hiring one of these pads (© Jeff Moore_PA Images)
  • Make the most of the good weather with your friends and family by hiring one of these pads (© Jeff Moore_PA Images)
  • Swallowtail Hill, Rye, East Sussex (©
  • Carclaze, Wadebridge, Cornwall (©
  • Scales Plantation, Penrith, Cumbria (©
  • Lovesome Hill Farm, Northallerton, Yorkshire (©
  • Peartree Cottage, Sandhoe, Hexham, Northumberland (©
  • The Royal House, Lower Coombe Royal, Kingsbridge, Devon (©
  • Rambling Rose, Lostwithiel, Cornwall (©
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The promise of warm weather in the air is already making our feet itchy - we want to be off exploring green valleys carpeted with bluebells and helping to make hay (quite literally). MSN Travel's first port of call in this situation is Alastair Sawday's website which features some of the best accommodation in the UK, and we thought we'd ask the travel guru himself to name some of his favourite places. We can't think of a better way to spend a weekend...

17/03/2012 11:43
This cannot be classed as the UK, as it only suggests go to england, england isn't britain you know
17/03/2012 13:11
and there was me thinking Camarthenshire was in Wales.......silly me!!
17/03/2012 13:24

What about Scotland, the Scottish Borders offers a warm welcome with plenty of hotels B and Bs and history with splendid views, ideal walking and fishing

we even have the roulotte retreat ideal for a few days or a week in total piece and quiet

17/03/2012 19:21
rubbish .like most of msn 's articles , its just advertising, 

LOL this isn't an article it's an advertisement. There is only 2 companies mentioned in this whole article, and if you compare their websites you can tell they are owned by the same company. The places look lush, but don't try to fool us MSN, there is other extraordinary places to holiday in England.
17/03/2012 20:33
I have stayed in may places around the world. Why do you show the worst!

17/03/2012 21:35
Engerland. Jjust south of SCOTLAND .The bonniest celtic nation ever .Shared of coures, In its true  and honest culture with  WALES and IRELAND. Pray remind me the confrigiration of union flag  HOME  RULE FOR ALL  Give engerland back to the FRENCH.
17/03/2012 21:56

Has this site never heard of Scotland, Ireland and Wales ?   We too have beautiful places to stay!  


17/03/2012 22:11
17/03/2012 22:36


17/03/2012 22:41

Come  on git off yer high horse?. Am i no a bonnie scottish laddie

17/03/2012 23:35
Wales  is  so hilly,  why ?,  because they won so much land when they fought the English they had to stack it up.
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