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Updated: 04/04/2012 13:25 | By Poorna Bell, editor, MSN Travel
Best budget places to stay in Britain

YHA Pwll Deri, Trefasser

YHA Pwll Deri, Trefasser (© YHA)
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"Perfect" is a big word for a humble hostel, but a cliff-edge location on Strumble Head, a remote rocky knobble that juts into the Irish Sea west of Fishguard, affords this cottage a milliondollar outlook. A recent renovation has added an extension whose wall of glass makes the most of the view. The new layout also boasts a modern open-plan kitchen/diner and has improved the snug lounge area and small, simple rooms, all of which are en suite.

YHA Pwll Deri, Pwll Deri, Castell Mawr, Trefasser, Pembrokeshire, SA64 0LR.
Rates: Rooms start from £19.40.

09/04/2012 14:30
is it any wonder so many of us go abroad for our can have an all inclusive week in mallorca for £269, just about same price as 4 nights (if u're lucky) in a b&b here in britain, without the sun.
09/04/2012 17:23
i can have a week in Tunisia  cheaper than a week at a hotel in the U.K.!!
09/04/2012 06:48
None of these beat the 4 bedroom farmhouse in Snowdonia we're staying in for £230/week.
09/04/2012 19:26
we could most likely afford more holidays anywhere if we were not ripped off by the prices going sky high in the six weeks holidays regardless of wether the destination is peak season or not....americans can enjoy the carribean as off peak while wqe get bumraped
09/04/2012 13:32

We have two large GSDs who have travelled with us every year camping in Yorkshire, to holiday parks in Norfolk, Devon and Cornwall.


Just got back from Winterton on sea £220 for six days

09/04/2012 08:19

The Britannia Hotel group is a cheap night out, £29 B&B most nights and most hotels, but you have to take a chance on getting a decent clean room, some of them are not fit for dogs.


09/04/2012 20:14
yes go camping in the **** rain thats everyones perfect holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/04/2012 17:13
love the fact that Penrith got a look in
09/04/2012 20:28
Someone is a dirty dog bring on the sunshine.
09/04/2012 09:49

I want to buy an acre of land for a £1000 in Mcr, any offers ?


09/04/2012 20:03
If i got rid of me motor i could afford a holiday,but im not going to do that,i will use it to take my family on day trips,day tripping yeh!!!!! everything in this country is far far to expensive.A weekend away would cost £1000 plus,unless you slum it on a sun hol.
09/04/2012 20:10
im pet freindly,but u got to holiday on yer own with other humans,stick the pet in the bloody kennal or with a trusted freind or family member duuuuuuuuuuuu.
09/04/2012 20:18
Glyn Scot,I will this year thanks,i have not long past me driving test so i will be able to take my daughter with i cause me missus wont go camping cause she is a borring cow,oh well at least there wont be any naggin he he ...
09/04/2012 20:08
the best way to save british seaside towns is to put V A T  on avation fuel ,the money raised will make overseas holidays to expensive ,money will help our own people
09/04/2012 21:22
there is a site i look at but cannot put it on here as its blocked.
09/04/2012 21:20
it does not rain all the time ,,read about it first ,look on the  internet . there is plenty to read up about ,groups to go with .help available , i hope you have a nice time Smile
09/04/2012 19:04
Would be nice to see some holidays for a family in the uk without having to shell out hundreds and with nice clean equipment for your baby!
Also about the taking animals on holiday debate, I think that its important to remember going to a kennels or a catery is not a holiday for pets- its very stressful for the majority of them!
It would be nice if more places were pet friendly but I know a few bad owners do let the rest of us down, still you are much more likely to catch somthing from the unhygenic person before you than their dog :)


like lots of people in the uk  i would like to see a article on pet friendly places to stay. and not just in the uk. we love to travel with our two dogs but finding pet friendly places can be really hard.

just a thought

09/04/2012 20:11
matt smith ,get a tent , £200 FROM HALFORDS WILL SET YOU UP WITH ALL YOU Need ,WILL LAST 10 YEARS .that what i did ,
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