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Updated: 13/01/2012 12:06 | By David Whitley, contributor, MSN Travel
Best holiday spots in the eurozone


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Switzerland has always been expensive, but in the last year or so, it has been tear-inducingly so. This is mainly because the Swiss franc was soaring higher than a Virgin Galactic shuttle. Late last year, the Swiss government decided effectively to peg the franc to the euro. Currency speculators stopped using it as a safe haven straight away, bringing an instant devaluation, whilst as the euro drops in value, so does the Franc.

Why in 2012? Skiers wanting to hit the slopes with a minimum of airport fuss and transfer time can take advantage of Snowjet's decision to ramp up the number of services from Stansted to the tiny mountain airport at Sion.

14/01/2012 03:27

I'll bide my time here until the Euro zone settles down. At the minute the Euro/pound exchange rate is Rubbish!

(£1.000 to €1.208)

14/01/2012 23:00
Yes I agree, its time to book a family holiday in the sun.  Not a lot of point saving with very little return on your already heavily taxed money . Sick of other people making money on my investments and choosing not to pay out much in return blaming the economic climate. Working all the hours you can get and not getting much richer , take a break and enjoy some of the hard earned cash while you've still got it.
14/01/2012 17:22

val scawn (Darren1)


I totally agree with you ....but ...sorry I need a holiday !

There is a limit as to how much we need to be made to feel individually responsible for the current situation.


As for putting money into something with growth..... that doesn't happen at the moment. Interest rates are abysmal, house prices not rising etc .

So, sorry,  but this weekend we're  booking our  holidays for the next few months.


21/01/2012 05:09
hi yeah i agree,

pound is crpp against euro i rember the good old days when you could have a good jolly up... now look at it paid ten euro for a drink in ibiza... nuts!!

then again evry one needs holiday out of the asylum... proper wierd place this has turned into new labour wrecked it let em all in for ten years pouring through channel tunnel in the back of lorrys now we gtta live wth bus loads of refugees and asylum seekers.... appys days now we cant even get a cheap jolly up to get away from them ... robbed and invaded over night  and we let em do it ....discrace !!!!
21/01/2012 05:13
still can always goto margate cos its luvly there.... why not take ur refugee nieghbor for the ride u may find out something really interesting that u never knew about them like they eat the fish frm your pond or they are fututives or war criminals

happy holidays britain

15/01/2012 00:38
I disagree.  The Pound was around €1-50 2,5 years ago so it hasn't even gained a lot.  It certainly shouldn't be where it is at the moment.  It still makes holidaying in Euroland expensive!
Holiday at home in some of our own lovely holiday areas.
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