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06/03/2013 16:15 | By Rachel Burge, contributor, MSN Travel
The most beautiful places to pitch your tent

Britain's best campsites for 2013.

UK campsites (© Campsites)
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Wild beaches, rugged mountains, ancient forests… Britain has no shortage of stunning landscapes and camping can be the best (and most economical) way of seeing them, especially if the weather co-operates.

Whether you’re a canvas newbie or a camping pro, here are 10 beautiful places to pitch your tent this year. Share with us your favourite camping experiences in the comments below...

23/04/2013 18:20
These beautiful photos (obviously taken on that one warm day in August some years ago) make camping look so pleasant and joyful. The reality is usually gale force winds, tents ripping apart, snapped poles, rain, cars stuck in mud......

Doward Park Campsite, between Ross on Wye and Monmouth is a small quiet site set in a clearing in the woods. 20 plus pitches, some with hook-ups and clean basic facilities. This is a site that people return to year after year. Friendly owner/operator who attracts quiet relaxed campers.

If Carlsberg made campsites etc etc.

23/04/2013 15:23
What about all the campsites that are great for city breaks? - York Caravan Park ( is my favourite!
Best campsite is... your back garden. Then when the heavens open and mosquitoes attack you can realize what a ridiculous idea it was in the first place and beat a hasty retreat to the sitting room.
23/04/2013 16:59

It always grate when summer is in the air!


23/04/2013 21:36

1 mention for the lake district , theres more beauty there than the rest of the british isles put together,

23/04/2013 16:18
Shame its all going to be ruined by the Geoengineering that is being carried out daily.
23/04/2013 22:13
Never camped and never will.  I like to go on holiday to relax not live like a Neanderthal!
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