31/10/2012 17:01
Your idea of cheap and mine are obviously way different.
31/10/2012 17:30
Already booked my room for xmas in my old hometown,for family visit.Premier might not be chic,But £76 for 4 nights ????
31/10/2012 17:11
Why is there no cheap price quoted on this page???
31/10/2012 18:07

My wife and I stayed in a boutique hotel in Christchurch New Zealand a couple of years ago.  The room was very high tech., including a television that not only operated as the usual alarm, but could be switched to log fire mode.  The lighting in the room could be altered  for intensity and would change colour too, as would the bathroom lights.  Even the underside of the bed was lit up - no idea why.  The only downside was that the bedroom window was tiny.I was discussing this with my wife in the lift when a Japanese gentleman said "Your room has a window??"  His hadn't!

01/11/2012 10:15
prefer less fancy trappings after all just want somewhere clean warm good service and staff and breakfast when i wake up.......after all only stayin really to sleep so anything else is ?.....Premier Inn £29 night with full english, continental,  go back for more if you want breakfast and great staff.......then left with more money for the sights.....thank you
31/10/2012 17:17
Will be looking into this place when I attend my son`s graduation..comments to follow.
31/10/2012 21:14
31/10/2012 18:39

Its not the poor people that go to these budget hotels, its just the normal for anyone boasting about how cheap they got something. Its really a cover story to justify to your partner why you booked it in the first place, as there is always one penny pincher in any great relationship but, you will have to ask someone thats rich, as its different, apparently. Ginger Person sat on a beach in Cyprus. 


31/10/2012 19:30
No way as cheap brings in the wrong type of people, that will just mistreat anything out of habit, because it is cheap they will not have the funding to have good quality security...So downhill it will go.   It's nothing to do with class but sheer ignorance of people these days.  Ibis hotels in Europe are of a very good standard and cheap, the Ibis I have used in the UK are more likely to be really poor!!
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