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20/09/2012 10:41 | By Tamara Hinson, contributor, MSN Her
Going underground

Mud Street Café, Arkansas

Mud Street Café, Arkansas (© Arkansas Tourist Board)
  • Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas (© Arkansas Tourist Board)
  • The Cavern Suite, Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona (© Sharlene Fouser and Grand Canyon Caverns)
  • Museum Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey (© Museum Hotel)
  • Mud Street Café, Arkansas (© Arkansas Tourist Board)
  • Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab, Dubai (© Al Mahara Burj Al Arab)
  • Cave restaurant, Missouri (© Missouri Division of Tourism)
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Mud Street Café, Arkansas

Going underground doesn't always mean a visit to a mine or cave.

The Mud Street Café was built in 1888 atop a spring which led to regular flooding - hence the name Mud Street - but years later, this area of the city was built up, and the building, which was once at street level, became underground. Diners visiting this café will find spectacular limestone walls, stained glass lighting (there's not much of the natural stuff) and weathered wooden beams.

21/09/2012 17:31
I love the looks of the salt mines in Poland or the silver mines in Swedan as a possibility...
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