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29/05/2012 11:06 | By Poorna Bell, editor, MSN Travel
Revealed: Britain's best historical treasures

Gorham’s Cave complex, Gibraltar

Gorham’s Cave complex, Gibraltar (© Getty Images)
  • Gorham’s Cave complex, Gibraltar (© Getty Images)
  • Island of St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean (© PA Archive)
  • Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire, England (© Dave Thompson_PA Images)
  • Twin monastery of Wearmouth-Jarrow, Sunderland and South Tyneside, England (© Rex Features)
  • Darwin’s Landscape Laboratory, Kent, England (© Dan Sparham_Rex Features)
  • Creswell Crags, Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire, England (© Getty Images)
  • Mousa, Old Scatness & Jarlshof, Shetland, Scotland (© Patrick Dieudonne_Rex Features)
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Considering the revived feud about Gibraltar between Spain and the UK, news that the Gorham's Cave Complex is one of the two nominations for the Unesco list may inflame the situation. The cave complex consists of four sea caves - Bennett's, Gorham's, Vanguard and Hyena, which are all at the base of the Rock of Gibraltar. In Gorham's cave, you can find hand imprints and painted deer. This is the last known site where Neanderthals lived, and various excavations have turfed up the largest fossil bird species from this period in Europe.

30/05/2012 01:03
Gotta be the Forth Rail Bridge. Your photo's out of date. They've taken the bandages off and it's healed OK, so the doctors have gone.
30/05/2012 06:31
I would nominate the Forth Bridge as it's the finest example of Victorian engineering anywhere. The beauty and the sheer size of the structure takes your breath away. The thought and ingenuity that went into its construction were well beyond Victorian times.
30/05/2012 11:25
I used to be part of a team of bridge builders,and have built many bridges. The  forth rail bridge is a one of a kind, and will never be replaced. I personally think it is it is a stunner.
30/05/2012 09:52
@ Peter.....Gibraltar is British,lovely place,very scenic and played a very important role in WW2 hence being included in Britains best historical treasures.
30/05/2012 07:12

Chatham also has our last WW2 vintage destroyer,a Victorian Sloop of War and the Falklands era submarine HMS Onyx its a really good day out

30/05/2012 01:34
when i was a child every hogmanay we would cross the forth bridge from edinburgh to perth to see my grandmother ,in those days it was considered lucky on the second arch to throw a shilling out of the window and make a wi****till   has wonderful memories even now years later
30/05/2012 10:37
The FOIRTH BRIDGE for me.  My husband and I used to live in North Queensferry in the 1960's.  Our house was near the shore, and we lived practically underneath the Bridge on the Fife side.....Happy Times...and Memories.
30/05/2012 11:10
I well remember my first trip over the Forth bridge.  I young boy standing with me in the corridor watching as our train approached the bridge ran into the carriage shouting, " Mother, mother we're gan-a-gan up and doon".   I'm still not sure whether he was disappointed or relieved when we took the traditional route.
30/05/2012 10:07
As many have said ,it has to be the forth rail bridge. You have to see it yourself to realise how fantastic a feat it was to build.
30/05/2012 01:16
Stayed for a few weeks right under the north end of this beauty at North Queensferry whilst working at the DEC chip manufacture site on the south shore (RIGHT ON IT!) in South Queensferry. The first train from Edinburgh to Fife goes over at exactly 05.50 am. I can personally vouch for this!
30/05/2012 11:34
I now live in Swindon Witshire in England moved from Edinburgh 1971 after my marriage go home every year to visit my family who live near Edinburgh and I also have family in Glenrothes in Fife I love the Forth Rail Bridge best in the world every time I see it when I come home it brings back all my lovely chilhood memories when mum used to take us on the train from Waverley to Kirkcaldy to vidsit the family.
30/05/2012 09:57
selenek sorry but oldman247 stated "when we went from Edinburgh to Perth to visit Grandmother", so he is correct as there was no need to mention points inbetween it was more about the bridge section and the distribution of coins
30/05/2012 11:15
Suprised that HMS Victory hasn't been included especially as its so easy to visit HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose while your at it .
30/05/2012 13:06

Shocking photo of our bridge could have taken an updated one since bridge maintenance was completed last year it looks fantastic now.

30/05/2012 10:39
What about the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the S.S. Great Britainin Bristol???
I agree with oldman247, when I was a lad travelling over the bridge in steam age lol it was a penny that I only had but I still had my wish yes a great piece of bridge building there is nothing like it  anywhere else.
30/05/2012 09:08
I would like to nominate the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough. Not only is it the only one in the world which is still working after 100 years, its beauty is there for all to see and a perfect piece of British engineering.
30/05/2012 11:41
scandalous nothing in Yorkshire (gods country) or even Lancashire. who ever produced this ought to do more research. 
18/07/2012 13:13
How can anyone plan a walk round thumbnail 13 as they advise because they forgot one important fact, WHERE IS THIS !
09/06/2012 06:08

That a picture of some rocks.  Not Gwynedd which is name of large area of north-west Wales.

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