Travel guide books are valuable  Isopix, Rex Features
In defence of the guide book

Lots and lots of free information isn’t as valuable as properly researched, edited and well-packaged information, says David Whitley.

Big Brother National Trust  Rex Features
The Big Brother House is deserving of National Trust status

The National Trust has announced it will open up the Big Brother house to the public for a weekend. Controversial? Not so, says David Whitley.

Twitter complaints  Getty Images
Complaining on Twitter? No thanks

Paying to complain on Twitter might get you on the news, but it won’t get your luggage found any faster, says Daisy Buchanan.

Park Guell charges entry  GETTY Images
Spain’s new tourist charges are perfectly reasonable

From next month Barcelona will charge tourists entry for its famous Park Güell. Fair or unfair? David Whitley explores...

When good service gets too much  Rex Features
'Good' service is rubbish

Fed up of tip-hungry waiters, over-zealous maids and OTT customer service? So is David Whitley...

Twitter hotel, Magaluf  Rex Features
A new Twitter hotel? Who would go?

A new Twitter experience hotel has opened in Majorca, promising to keep guests wired in and interacting throughout their stay. Isn’t holiday a time to switch off, asks Periwinkle Jones…

A couple ordering lunch  Getty Images
British travellers don’t need to learn another language

Why bother trying to use local languages when abroad? Everyone speaks English anyway, says David Whitley...

Cat and dog  Getty Images
Frequent flier programmes for dogs? You must be barking mad

Airlines are rewarding pet lovers for travelling with their animals, but where's the reward for fellow passengers putting up with pets in the cabin?

Dover beach with rubbish  PA Images
Anyone who drops litter should be then made to eat it

Litter on Britain's beaches is the highest it has been for five years. Unacceptable, says Cathy Winston

Flight attendants  Getty
Dressing airline hostesses as maids is stupid and dangerous

A Chinese airline is planning to dress its air hostesses as maids and butlers. This totally puts out the wrong messages about what they're there for, says Periwinkle Jones.

Hen party  Rex Features
Let’s stop the spend-errific stag and hen trips

Pre-wedding celebrations have got out of control, says Daisy Buchanan, and it seems she's not the only one thinking it...

Anyone who entirely relies on Tripadvisor is a mug

Some pranksters have used the Tripadvisor reviews system to turn homeless hostel into a winning destination.

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