18/04/2013 16:45
Bottoms up: stag and hen destinations

Best hen and stag destinations for 2013

hen and stag dos (© Rex)
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What started as one night of care-free fun (or should that be debauchery) with your close friends and family, has now developed into a full-blown, take-time-off-work-and-start-saving extravaganza. For the maid-of-honour or a best man, the pressure of choosing the right destination and activity for a hen or stag party can be daunting, with some celebrations taking up whole weekends, or weeks, in destinations all over the UK and Europe. 

With help from stag and hen organisers Eclipse Leisure, we take a look at where in Europe people celebrate their last nights of freedom and what activities they like to indulge in while they’re there.

19/04/2013 12:48

The Stadium of Light? In Newcastle? Really?


19/04/2013 14:26
The most famous beer festival - Oktoberfest - is in Munich, not Berlin, do get it right!
19/04/2013 16:16
haha, this is one of the worst articles ive ever seen

Cringed at "The Stadium of ****e" in Newcastle, and oktoberfest? come on, atleast google it first

19/04/2013 12:50
ve been to a number of these destinations and it's a good list.  Not sure someone, what is "tacky and disgusting" about having a good time.  Maybe you could explain.
22/05/2013 09:37
They aren't really English of Scottish, I think they are called "Gaudy's" 
25/04/2013 10:59
all very nice but as usual when showing pics like these or other places to go, nothing from Yorkshire. do those who put these things together think that us northerners dont have gardens? are not interested in flowers/trees etc ? are just oiks with no sense of beauty? we too have our share of gardens up here too you know. and our outings rarely include beer and skittles
22/05/2013 09:57
They're named "Gaudies" aren't  they
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