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Britain's top 50 holiday destinations

50 Falkirk Wheel

Top holiday destinations: The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland (Image © Ben Curtis/PA)
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Location: Near Falkirk, Scotland
What’s the damage? Boat trip £8

A recent – and for some surprising – inclusion in the list of Britain’s top attractions is this ambitious rotating boatlift mid-way between Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Falkirk Wheel was designed as an innovative solution to an old problem: how to join the Forth & Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, which lay 35m – about the height of a 10-storey building – below.

It was designed as a working beast, but has also taken on an iconic status since opening in 2002 – and is now one of Scotland’s biggest tourist draws. You can take a whirl on the huge contraption by hopping aboard a boat that takes you up to the higher level, out through the aqueduct and under the ancient Antonine Wall, itself a World Heritage site.

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