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The 11,000-year-old British house and 12 more of the oldest things on Earth

Oldest house

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Dating from? c15,000 years ago
Found where? Ukraine

Shelter, along with food, is a human necessity, but what did prehistoric folk do when there were no caves or trees around? The discovery of a mammoth-bone housing estate at Mezhyrich in central Ukraine began in 1965 when a farmer dug up a mammoth's jawbone while expanding his cellar. Four oval-shaped huts were excavated, between them constructed from 149 interlocking bones from an estimated 95 beasts. A map of the area inscribed on a tusk and an ochre-decorated drum made from a mammoth skull were also dug up.

The reconstructed bone village can be visited more or less in situ, and there's also a display at the Kiev Museum of Paleontology (15 Bogdan Khmel'nitsky Street).

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