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Braai, Cape Town, South Africa

Impala: on the menu at a South African braii (© David Davies/AP/PA)
  • A duck being roasted in an open fire in a Beijing restaurant (© Greg Baker/AP/PA)
  • A local prepares chicha, a concoction of maize and saliva (© Martin Mejia/AP/PA)
  • Impala: on the menu at a South African braii (© David Davies/AP/PA)
  • Roti is cooked inside a tandoor in India (© Karen Trist/Lonely Planet)
  • Fish head curry, a defining Singaporean dish (© Aun Koh/Lonely Planet)
  • Glazed barbequed pork ribs (© Katherine Lewinski/Getty)
  • World-famous Pierre Hermé macaroons (© Sipa Press/Rex)
  • Griled chorizo and steak, an Argentinian speciality (© Bridget Gleeson/Lonely Planet)
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The Aussies and the Yanks don't own barbecue. South Africa, with its braai tradition - the word means "roasted meat" in Afrikaans - also lays claim to being the best country in the world for outdoor cooking. Why? Because it has game in such abundance - including kudu, impala and zebra - and such fantastic panoramas to act as backdrops to these admittedly often still beery and blokey - not to mention bloody - events. Cape Town's best braai spot is the Silvermine Reserve with views of Table Mountain.

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