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Latest cheesy chat-up lines doing the rounds worldwide

Cheesy chat-up lines: France

A woman holds up 1,000 euros (Image © B2M Productions/Getty) (© French chat-up lines: on the money)
  • A woman holds up 1,000 euros (Image © B2M Productions/Getty) (© French chat-up lines: on the money)
  • A man and a woman in Amsterdam (Image © Photolibrary) (© Beware Dutchmen when on vacation)
  • A cow with a bell (Image © F1 Online/Rex) (© Egyptian chat-up lines: bovine references)
  • A statue of Zeus (Image © Rex) (© Greek chat-up lines: would Zeus have approved?)
  • A man gesticulates from a car (Image © John Powell/Rex) (© Italian men: all talk?)
  • A boy and girl hold hands before a sunset (Image © Jay Reilly/Getty) (© Philippine chat-up lines: rather sweet)
  • A shirtless man serves a woman (Image © Image Source/Getty) (© Turkish men: love female guests)
  • A man has a drink thrown in his face (Image © OJO Images/Rex) (© American chat-up lines: a risky business)
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Ah, la France! The spiritual home of kissing, the bikini and the eternally sexy hit single Je t’aime.

For a nation fuelled almost entirely on oysters and champagne, you’d expect their chat-up lines to be as buttery as a pain au chocolat.  And you wouldn’t be far wrong.

“Pick-up lines are normally sophisticated,” claims Paris-local Audrey Manini. “The best I heard recently was ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi pour 1,000 euros?’ - Would you go to bed with me for 1,000 euros?”

“Then he said: ‘We have to hurry because I need the money urgently!’ This is quite topical I would say, especially with the financial crisis.”

Verdict: Stay on your toes, rosbif. The French blend sophistication with buckets of Gallic charm.

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