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Most beautiful monastery

Paro Taktsang monastery nestles on a remote cliffside in Bhutan (© Sally Dillon/Lonely Planet)
  • Paro Taktsang monastery nestles on a remote cliffside in Bhutan (© Sally Dillon/Lonely Planet)
  • Michaelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (© AP/PA)
  • Wadi Rum National Reserve, Jordan (© Aldo Pavan/Lonely Planet)
  • Japanese tourists gather to admire the cherry blossoms in Tokyo (© Itsuo Inoyue/AP/PA)
  • The Taj Mahal: 'A teardrop that sparkled spotlessly bright on the face of eternity' (© Gurinder Osan/AP/PA)
  • A hiker at Mackinnon Pass looks out over the breathtaking Clinton Valley (© Andrew Bain/Lonely Planet)
  • King Tutankhamen's golden mask (© Getty)
  • The rooftop terrace at Vertigo Bar, in Bangkok (© Vertigo Bar)
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This astonishing 17th-century site clings to the craggy cliffs of Bhutan's Paro valley. Known as Paro Taktsang - the Tiger's Nest - it is a working monastery that still flutters with prayer flags and echoes with the sound of chanting Buddhist monks. We picked it not only for its obvious beauty and unlikely location 700 metres above the valley floor but also for the fact the precarious monastery is so unspoilt by tourism; visitor numbers are strictly limited.

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