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Strangest things people have got up to on planes


A French cabin crew member’s cockpit hijinks were caught on camera (© George Doyle/Getty)
  • A French cabin crew member’s cockpit hijinks were caught on camera (© George Doyle/Getty)
  • Heather Mills: inflight ‘entertainment’ (© William Conran/AP/PA)
  • Clinton blocked two runways at LA airport while he finished having a haircut (© Haydn West/AP/PA)
  • Air rage: a Japanese couple’s inflight row became bloody (© Jun Takahashi/Getty)
  • Occupied: one Chinese passenger decided to scrub up in the aeroplane toilet (© Glowimages/Getty)
  • High hemlines: a stewardess of old (© Getty)
  • Richard Branson: no inflight virgin (© Rick Rycroft/AP/PA)
  • A sole attempt to join the Mile High Club led to a rude awakening for one female passenger (© Bally Scanlon/Getty)
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In February 2008, a video was leaked on the internet featuring a French air hostess performing a striptease for her pilot. Allegedly shot by other crew members on a flight to London, the video showed the saucy stewardess putting on a bit of a show in the cockpit.

Such hi-jinks among the crew are worrying enough when they're supposed to be concentrating on turbulence or "chicken or fish?", but at least most sky-high workers are discreet enough to be rarely caught. When passengers get the same idea, it's far more, er, in your face. A flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles last year was diverted to Albuquerque after a 50-year-old man removed all his clothes mid-flight and refused to put them back on again.

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