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Ice restaurant

Ice restaurant (© Snow Castle)
  • Ice restaurant (© Snow Castle)
  • Hospital food (© The Clinic)
  • Toilet talk (© Wally Santana_PA)
  • Laboratory (© Moto restaurant)
  • Eating (with) the fishes (© Hilton Group)
  • Dining in the dark (© Dans Le Noir)
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Ice restaurant, Lapland
Made entirely of ice and rebuilt every year, the snow castle in Kemi, northern Finland, is a haunting, beautiful spot. Eerie glowing lanterns cast shadows on the glittering walls, and the -5C temperature heightens your tastebuds, enhancing morsels of warm food served in foil and searing shots of vodka. You won't need a fish slice to extricate frozen bums from carved ice stools - they are draped in reindeer skins.

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