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King Arthur was Croatian and other strange attempts to promote tourism

Croatia - the King Arthur connection?

Croatia - resting place of King Arthur? (© Henryk T Kaiser_Rex Features)
  • Croatia - resting place of King Arthur? (© Henryk T Kaiser_Rex Features)
  • Lithuania's 'national perfume' (© Brent Winebrenner_LP)
  • Keep Austin weird (© Neil Setchfield_Lonely Planet)
  • Nutty relatives welcome in Washington (© Richard Cummins_LP)
  • Ringtone hell in Cumbria (© Will Gray_Getty)
  • Jamaica or Plumstead (© David Neil Madden_Getty/Jamaica Tourist Board)
  • Austria's yodelling lessons (© Pascal Lauener_Reuters)
  • Denmark's strange video hoax (© Scott E Barbour_Getty/Visit Denmark)
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The legend of King Arthur is already subject to many versions; most recently, the fishing village of Igrane in southern Croatia claimed that King Arthur's mother Igraynne once lived there and that King Arthur himself was perhaps buried in the cemetery.

The town's mayor, Emil Talijancic, was in fighting mood over the claim. "We want British knights to challenge our Croatian lords to settle the matter," he said.

Read on for more flagrantly attention-grabbing, if sometimes dubious, tourism publicity campaigns.

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