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The tourist destinations that don’t want you to visit

Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UK (© David Tomlinson_Lonely Planet)
  • Cambridge, UK (© David Tomlinson_Lonely Planet)
  • Tokyo, Japan (© Philippe Wojazer_Reuters)
  • Berlin, Germany (© Markus Schreiber_Press Association Images)
  • Tibet, China (© Tim Hughes_Lonely Planet)
  • Hollywood, US (© Chris Cheadle_Getty Images)
  • Cornwall, UK (© Matt Cardy_Getty Images)
  • Sainte Maxime, Côte d'Azur, France (© Alamy)
  • Venice, Italy (© Vito Arcomano and Fototeca ENIT)
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Some destinations will try all manner of gimmicks to lure tourists while others view the never-ending footfall as a scourge. We start our journey with Cambridge, the latest place expressing the wish to exert some form of tourist pest control. With a population of 120,000, the historic East Anglian city is starting to lose patience with the four million-odd visitors who surge in, look at the sights, punt down the river and leave without a backward glance. The former mayor has recommended that a new charge be levied on sights and that 'punting louts' be reprimanded. The city council agrees it needs to protect certain cultural gems, and may possibly create 'no-go' areas for tourists. Call it our inner rebellious teenager, but we like it when a place plays hard to get - read on for 10 others.

Sightseeing: more Cambridge attractions

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