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Kasbah Toubkal, Morocco

Kasbah Toubkal, Morocco (© Kasbah Toubkal)
  • Kasbah Toubkal, Morocco (© Kasbah Toubkal)
  • Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant, UK (© Battlesteads Hotel & Restaurant)
  • Nutti Sami Siida, Sweden (© Nutti Sami Siida, Sweden)
  • Agri Tourism Development Corporation, India (© Agri Tourism Development Corporation)
  • Tiny Island Volunteers, Maldives (© Tiny Island Volunteers)
  • Global Vision International, UK
  • Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development, Belize (© Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development)
  • Fauzi Azar Inn, Israel (© Fauzi Azar Inn)
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Best accommodation for the environment: highly commended
Fans of Morocco have raved about Kasbah du Toubkal for years; it's nice to see the stunning mountain property getting the attention it deserves. For more information, visit the website.

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