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Intangible cultural heritage

Examples of Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage practices

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This week, the Japanese practice of washoku was added to the Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage. So what exactly is this list? Unesco believes that cultural heritage isn’t just about geological marvels, collections of artefacts and historical ruins – it’s also about traditions, social practices and rituals inherited from ancestors and passed on to descendants. In 2003, Unesco set up a convention to help preserve these things.

Countries in which Unesco's intangible cultural heritage listings are located can apply to the convention for funds and assistance to help preserve the tradition or event in question. Here's a round-up of our favourites...

22/12/2013 19:35

nothing from England or the rest of the UK i see


have we got anything left now ?

22/12/2013 20:27
Maybe we could add the birth of Christ and Easter too as they seem to under considerable threat.  This is a stupid idea by stupid people trying to justify their ridiculous salaries.  If a culture or tradition is not valued by its people, then it will die out naturally which is how it should be, the way of progress.  Those things which a culture values highly will remain.
23/12/2013 09:29

And The Abbey in Arbroath where The Declaration of Independence was signed was turned down

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