09/01/2013 11:39 | By JD Van Zyl, contributor, MSN Travel
Oddest public transport

Some of the world's most unusual modes of public transport.

Odd public transport (© Various)
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This week London Underground, the oldest underground railway system in the world, celebrates its 150th anniversary. To acknowledge the momentous milestone, we scoured the globe for some of the weirdest and most wonderful public transport options around. From cruising the watery ways of Botswana’s Okavango Delta in a dugout canoe, to the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world, this is our pick of the oddest public transport options around.

10/01/2013 20:47
What about the Edinburgh "Monorail" Tram system. 6 years of misery in the reduced plan AND a GONG for the liar that was in charge of the finance at Edinburgh council.
It's a laughable folly. But dearly wrought from the people who live here. Especially all the shops and flats of the previously grand Leith Walk.
A **** idea made worse by fools.
Miles over budget and not the original design,which only made it on the strength of the Newhaven Spur , which would have been a useful route for a lot of the residents.
Lying again.
Any town that thinks trams are good,be aware that there is a lot of money involved . Thats when the vultures come.
Be Warned. Peace.

10/01/2013 20:32
wow! i love that form of travelling, i wish i can have the opportunity to go on that thing..lol, i love it, thanx to whoever invented it, u guyz are the best :D 
10/01/2013 17:59
Have rode on this,pity our transport is not modelled on this.
10/01/2013 18:09

It they could incorporate something similar to run along the defunct canalways the roads would be less crowded and it would be a qicker form of travel.  Those that have been cemented over would have low bridges though.  Praps the pod thing could work there also.

10/01/2013 17:02
Done this in Finnish Lapland - brilliant experience. Dogs are amazing, scenery fantastic - even though the temp is around minus 25 !!!!!
10/01/2013 16:50
Have travelled on the amazing monorail in Wuppertal, I'd say every city should  have one, except they should avoid loading  baby elephants. In a 1920s publicity stunt Tufi the circus elephant was hoisted aboard, panicked and fell into the river below.  During the war the system was about to be destroyed by the US Army but saved at the last minute, (thank you Tourist Guides).
10/01/2013 17:06
Did this a couple of years ago. Be prepared - health and safety is minimal. no-one was allowed to sit upstairs !!! The views are amazing, at times frightening when looking down at sheer drops. Overall,wonderful experience.
10/01/2013 23:11
Think I saw something similar in Dubai, and there's the 'duck' boat/bus in Boston.
10/01/2013 16:26
Should have taken a look at the pod things that are at Heathrow Airport. They can transport about 4 people in one carriage they drive themselves from along mini road type things. Not sure if it's sensors or what... But they can get from one terminal to the rest and stops at all the car parks (or some of them) and it's a free public service. Awesome.
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