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05/04/2012 12:10 | By Poorna Bell, editor, MSN Travel

Ryanair encourages staff to lose weight

And the incentive is a starring role in its calendar!

Michael O'Leary (© Virginia Mayo_PA)

Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair, with the 2012 calendar

Is there any area Ryanair considers off-limits? The airline has already endeared itself to the public with such hot topics as whether or not overweight passengers need to pay more, considering whether it can ask its passengers to stand during flights in order to cram more on board and actually charging people £60 to print your boarding pass. Oh, and sorry, lest we forget, mooting the idea of charging people to use the loo by installing a coin-operated mechanism.

Most of these ideas seem to have been ploys for publicity but the latest statement from Stephen McNamara, a spokesperson for the airline, reveals that the airline cuts costs in many ways, one of which is reducing the amount of weight a plane carries, so that it uses less fuel.

Talking about one of the more inventive ways to lighten the load, McNamara told the Independent: "We... considered removing armrests but decided against it. We even encourage staff to watch their weight - with the motivation of appearing in the annual Ryanair calendar."

For most people, there are two major issues with this. First, the Ryanair calendar - which has already courted controversy for objectifying women - features only women. Where, then, is the incentive for male stewards? Or is the airline simply subscribing to the old 'trolly-dolly' ethos? Gone is the era when airlines' female cabin crew were expected to be as good at being eye candy as refreshing a drink.

Second is the equally weighty issue of dictating to staff about body size. Does the airline in fact have the right to do this?

Perhaps Ryanair would do better to focus on publicising other measures it has undertaken to cut costs, rather than such perceived gimmicks. For instance, it has made sizeable inroads into its printing costs by doubling up the in-flight magazine with the menu. This move alone has saved almost £400,000. There's something to celebrate - a policy that is both financially and environmentally friendly.

What do you think of the airline's policies?

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05/04/2012 16:36
Ways for Ryanair to save money:

1. Remove Michael O'Leary's armrests.

2. Make him pay for the use of a toilet.

3.Get him to pose in his underpants for a calender.

4. Put him on the menu.

5. Sack him.

I estimate the cost saving to be approx. £6 million.

05/04/2012 17:24

...More lunacy from the masters of comic aviation.

No, O'leary is not a genius, he is a lunatic and should be laughed at at every opportunity.

Remember this is the man who said that his 'planes should be flown by only one pilot because he no longer needed First Officers. He was being serious.

He is not a good publicist, he has only succeeded in making Ryanair the laughing stock of the aviation industry, and for that he deserves congratulations because flying with Ryanair is no laughing matter - it's the stuff of nightmares.

Some questions: Why is O'Leary wearing a pair of goggles in the picture? And what looks like a baggage label on his left hand?  Goggles = weight loss, of course, now I get it. Thinking

05/04/2012 15:48
Chris whilst I appreciate your view and to be fair can understand it, please remember that all cabin attendants also have to have the intelligence to pass exacting CAA exams at a minimum of 95% pass mark and have the gravitas to be able to control a difficult or potentially dangerous situation at 37,000feet, be able to provide comprehensive medical recovery expertise via challenging Av Med training and SEP training along with Human Factors training, sales training, customer service training, I could go on.  After all that it's a surprise we have time to look good!  Personally when I fly I want to know those in the cabin can take control and keep me safe.  If they look too good I start to question their ability.  I know we shouldn't judge by appearances but that's what you've done!  Ex Cabin Crew
05/04/2012 18:31
O'leary is a complete muppet, how he ever got to run an airline i'll never fathom out.
05/04/2012 16:25
Ryanair is a budget airline so should have budget (ie fat, ugly, orange, halitosis) flight attendants. Real airlines should have the nice ones. As with everthing in life you get what you pay for. Pay slapper prices, get a slapper.

This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard asking people who work for an Airline to lose weight just so they can be in a Calendar and look better for the Airline!

If anyone is advised to lose weight it should be for there health reasons,not for the pathetic idea of being in a calendar or to make the Airline more attractive if you cannot attract people to your airline using normal methods then hard luck business is crap get over it!!

Why should people be used as 'Eye Candy' to attract potential customers

As I have said many times before there are other ways to get money for charities and it doesn't have to be women  or men stripping for a cheap and tacky calendar!!


05/04/2012 17:21
This could be the start of something big. Pun intended. How long before an airline ticket carries a total weight allowance. By this I mean that there is an allowance that includes the person, hold luggage and hand luggage, so for example if this allowance was 110kg anyone weighing up to 85kg would be able to take 5kg hand luggage and 20kg hold luggage. If someone weighed 100kg then they could still take 10kg of luggage. Those weighing 110kg and over will have to pay extra for any luggage they want to take. As for those who weigh 60kg well then they can take 50kg of luggage, ha,ha. 
05/04/2012 17:41
This idiots distain for his fellow human beings knows no bounds! Would not use this airline if i was paid too!
05/04/2012 19:41
Dear Ryanair,

How to cut costs even more:

1. Sack all the trolly-dollies.
2. Just have pilot & co-pilot.
3. Tell passengers not to eat 2 days in advance and get rid of toilet.
4. Get rid of all seating and overhead cupboards and tell passengers to sit on luggage.
5. Get rid of windows (saves money on cleaners.)

Hope this helps.
05/04/2012 18:25
Cheeky barstools.Staff should leave and work for a proper airlines.........so it is!!!!!
Lots of people think that Michael O'Leary is an utter pr**k, but he is a genius at getting   his airline free publicity.
05/04/2012 16:00

Shocking! Never use Ryanair again.


dam we really do live in a very very very very false world now, i never thought i would see the day, that humans became so dam false and stupid and brain washed.
05/04/2012 17:37

I have flown with ryanair several time's, as for what there staff look like i really could'nt care

less, as long as the plane take's off & land,s close to the time's printed on the ticket,s that

suit,s me just fine, if people can not be bothered to print there ticket off, and get charged £60

for the privilege that,s there problem.

05/04/2012 16:43

I love it, I can'nt believe that he has you all talking about this AGAIN even I am involved, he make me laugh he really talks a load of SH@@ and we know it.

But must admit some of the Trolly Dolly's are Bloody Ugly, even on other budget airlines.



05/04/2012 15:16
Old trolly dolly ethos? Since when did it become old, air hostesses are trolly dolly's and I expect them to be eye candy just like girls expect the diet coke man to have a 6 pack.
05/04/2012 19:41
Chris my dear, I am not trying to hard, I'm just naturally switched on and quite a decent human being who talks a lot of sense ;).  Hmm, you certainly sound like a British man and it woldn't surprise me if you  were to be honest. By the way, stereotyping someone the way I did and assuming they are British isn't racist, you daft ringpiece. Bah, I'm leaving this malarky alone. You can sit at your PC and spread your fat hairy arse across the seat while typing up your little "shocking" comments on the internet to gain attention.


05/04/2012 17:14
Christ X is utterly hilarious. I say we let  daft **** like that who brand any woman with an opinion "mental" or a "feminist" speak as much **** as they want. Makes fantastic humour and we all need a great laugh in this day and age :). Just for the record I also think the male calander idea is a daft idea also. Wow, that's me being a one-sided feminist with a moustache, ain't it?Smile

To be honest, these kind of calanders DO make a tribute to a woman's mental state. Think how many young girls are making themselves puke and spraying themselves with nasty, orange tan to look like hideous chavettes The Saturdays and other such cheap and tacky creatures. I guess people cannot help being brainwashed into thinking that's attractive and any other type of image is hideous and ugly.  I really think it's a shame and I can't understand how anyone could never sympathise with that type of thing.

British men, eh? Gotta love 'em in their checked shirts, clutching a copy of Zoo/Nuts while singing football songs. Silly little lads Smile

i except human beings as they are human beings, being your self is the best way to live.

Not this stupid attitude, is this really what we are now. From kings , leaders to a bunch of pancies.

dam you people are so easily pushed over, you would believe anything they tell you.

they worked you over big time. you.ll see in time.

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