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Shitterton takes first place as Britain's worst place name

Slag's Lane, Backside and Pratts Bottom are presumably crushed at not scooping the top spot in a recent survey

Shitterton road sign (© Rex Features)

The residents of Scratchy Bottom, Crapstone and Backside will be uttering a sigh of relief as the UK's worst place name is announced: it's the tiny hamlet in Dorset called Shitterton.

Ironically, despite the unfortunate names, a lot of the tiny hamlets and villages in the survey run by findmypast.co.uk are actually really beautiful, quaint places - the very definition of countryside idyll.

Shitterton, for instance, is very pretty and green, with thatched cottages and a sleepy village atmosphere.

Shitterton (© Rex Features)

A house in Shitterton

The scatological fun doesn't stop there - the name is a literal translation from the Norman French of the village's name Scatera, which means a small town that is on the stream of a sewer.

This isn't the first time Shitterton has hit the headlines either - in 2010, villagers chipped in to buy a half-ton stone sign after miscreants kept stealing the road sign at the entrance to the hamlet. Ian Ventham, chairman of the parish council, told the Daily Telegraph: "In Victorian times prudes decided to call it Sitterton, so even today in Shitterton we have Sitterton Close and Sitterton House. The rest of us prefer the rather more earthy Shitterton."

Backside Lane (© Rex Features)

Backside - a close contender

Dorset has, in total, bagged three spots in the top 10 for worst place names, with Scratchy Bottom near the village of Chaldon Herring coming second, and Happy Bottom at number 10.

Back Passage (© Rex Features)

An unfortunately named alley in London was in the running

The top ten:
1 Shitterton, Dorset
2 Scratchy Bottom, Dorset
3 Brokenwind, Aberdeenshire
4 Crapstone, Devon
5 Golden Balls, Oxfordshire
6 Ugley, Essex
7 Crackpot, North Yorkshire
8 Backside, Aberdeenshire
9 Great Snoring, Norfolk
10 Happy Bottom, Dorset

15/08/2012 13:20

why dont these people trying to find love use the correct sites for doing so!!!!!!!! really annoying....


15/08/2012 12:12

Missing the classic one from the Shetland Islands: Twatt

15/08/2012 13:07
Loved this story. Eccentric Britain lives!!
15/08/2012 13:00
What about twatt in the orkney islands??
15/08/2012 12:19
"is very pretty and green, with thatched cottages and a sleepy village atmosphere." which is why there is a picture of a cottage with a slate roof!!!!!!

15/08/2012 12:56
15/08/2012 12:47

we have a slack bottom in bradford lol


15/08/2012 12:45
Badger's Upper is near Pratt's Bottom. And yes, there is a road sign with those two places written in the right order to make it brilliant!
15/08/2012 12:36
What about Cocker Mouth in Cumbria.
15/08/2012 13:31
15/08/2012 18:29

in Bolton Lancs we have - little nob end


15/08/2012 12:47
15/08/2012 19:55
We do have a Sluts Hole lane here in Norfolk... :)
15/08/2012 12:38
15/08/2012 17:33
What about Twatt, on the isle of Orkney?
I recall there was a village in Germany named Wankum. But it's pronounced with a 'V'
16/08/2012 16:08

There is a Minge Lane in Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire.

15/08/2012 16:58
Of courrse there is also the hamlet of Shatton just west of Hathersage in North East Derbyshire!!!! 
15/08/2012 13:41

Village in Worcestershire called Wyre Piddle, next door to Upper Piddle and Lower Piddle. 

 In New Zealand we saw "Wakapaki Drive", they got loads of good names over there.

15/08/2012 17:21
lool fishXD they forgot cockermouth, cumbria x
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