11/01/2013 11:22 | By Mark Chilvers, contributor, MSN Travel
Stunning pictures from our blogger's travels

A snapshot of the first 10 days our 50 states in 30 days bloggers

Jonathan and Mark go undercover at the International Spy Museum (© Mark Chilvers)
  • Jonathan and Mark go undercover at the International Spy Museum (© Mark Chilvers)
  • The Boneyard: old neon signs show the creative and cultural history of Las Vegas (© Mark Chilvers)
  • The big famous waves on Oahu North Shore at sunset (© Mark Chilvers)
  • The Amish ride surprisingly colourful bikes (© MarkChilvers)
  • Dawn on the streets of New York (© Mark Chilvers)
  • Kitchen staff take a break in the restaurant Benieth in Grand Central Station, New York (© Mark Chilvers)
  • Cowboys at the Grand Canyon Ranch show off their skill (© Mark Chilvers)
  • Flying over the Grand Canyon (© Mark Chilvers)
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Jonathan Thompson and Mark Chilvers have already gone vertical via a jet pack, spent time with the Amish, visited Gordon Ramsay's strange Vegas pub and have been taught surfing by the Hawaii Fire Department. If you haven't been following the blog, you can do so here, but here's a quick snapshot of their first 10 days attempting to cover 50 American states in 30 days.

13/01/2013 16:12
Would have helped to give city or town.
14/01/2013 05:27
Give us a chance Mike Burrows we haven't even got round half the states yet. We will get to New England so go easy on the insults.

... interesting pictures !


... ( didn`t spot Dawn but might have seen Bill and Fred ) ... ~

14/01/2013 05:30
Here we are at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC going deep under cover. (Mark Chilvers left and Jonathan Thompson right)
14/01/2013 05:28
Hi Mike - New England is not a state, it's a collection of states on the East Coast. And we're going there on Thursday so stay tuned! Cheers, Jonathan 
18/01/2013 00:24
Amish ride bikes?  They're scooters - a bike has a seat and pedals!
16/01/2013 00:52
What's up fellas!

Mark, you left your sweet gloves and hat in the rental here in Juneau.  I hope you guys are still having fun and let me know if there's anything I can do from here to help! Remember, no AC Slatering, keep it clean.


Big Al

13/01/2013 17:26
i checked there fotos and they didnt went to the state new england...ideots
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