07/03/2014 13:15 | By Anna Tobin, contributor, MSN Travel
Taking the Mickey: Disney Orlando on the cheap

How to visit Disney Orlando on a budget

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Following the news that Walt Disney World Resort Orlando has just raised the price of a one-day pass for the second time in the last 12 months, to $99 for adults and $93 for children, we look at ways that you can keep the costs of a visit to Florida’s Magic Kingdom down.

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Best way to save money is not to go there in first place.

Incidentally, if you are considering the 'Work for your keep' option be very careful. It is illegal for someone from the UK to enter the USA on ESTA with the intention of doing any sort of work (paid or unpaid) that a US citizen could conceivably be paid for so you could not only be fined and deported but refused future entry to the USA - it's just happened to a friend of mine who was caught house-sitting property in Florida that is owned by an English couple who are US residents.

08/03/2014 07:26
If you can't afford to do something then don't do it - would be better advice
07/03/2014 18:39
What do you expect, yanks are the greediest people on earth, they are only doing it because they have parents by the short and curlies, simple solution, go to euro disney. Save a fortune on flights visa's and entry prices.
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