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Don't look down: the world’s highest observations decks

Glacier Skywalk - Canada

Glacier Skywalk in Canada (© Glacier Skywalk)
  • Glacierr Skywalk in Jasper Natoinal Park, Canada (© Glacier Skywalk)
  • Glacier Skywalk in Canada (© Glacier Skywalk)
  • The twin Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur is best known for its double decker sky bridge (© REUTERS)
  • Although not home to the highest observation deck, the Empire State Building boasts the most famous (© Donmaz Getty Image)
  • Taipei101 is the second tallest building in this list, but not home to the highest observatory by some margin (© Getty Images)
  • The Sky100 observatory offers great views of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour (© REUTERS)
  • The Ledge juts out 14ft beyond the observatory of Chicago's Willis Tower (© Associated Press)
  • Adventurous visitors can circle the outside of Toronto's CN Tower as part of the EdgeWalk attraction (© Associated Press)
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As well as giving views of the glacier-formed valleys below, and the ice-capped mountain peaks above, the Glacier Skywalk also gives visitors the chance to learn more about glaciology, geology and the unique ecosystem of the Columbia Icefield area.

On Bing: find out more about the Glacier Skywalk

16/08/2013 10:29
I get fed up with the poorly educated journalists that write articles like this ! The fear of heights is Acrophobia not Vertigo ! Vertigo has nothing to do with heights !
03/06/2013 22:07

Been up the Petronas Towers, The Empire State Building and Willis Tower (Although it was called The Sears Tower When we went up)

Magnificent views from all of them. 

03/06/2013 08:49
Spent the weekend walking in Glen Coe, the views easily beat any of these. Alba gu braith.
16/08/2013 11:46
For someone like myself, who has a great fear of heights, they are not for me. Anything higher than the 3rd rung on a step ladder, leaves me cold. Good luck to all those who can visit those types of places. You have my respect.
16/08/2013 10:30
I've actually stood on a glass floor up Blackpool tower, beat that lowdowners! 
16/08/2013 11:00
I like the way the ESB viewpoint is lauded with a photo taken from the Top of the Rock, which I think is actually better, and it really IS all outdoors!
16/08/2013 10:56
Is that right? The ESB upper observation deck is completely outdoors? Not when we were there in 2007 and 2010 it wasn't. The lower one was, but the upper one had perspex windows which had been mutilated by various 'graffiti artists' wanting to leave their mark. Has it changed since 2010?
03/06/2013 10:02
Having travelled the world and experienced all the other views, you would have a valid point.

In contrast to those other bums who don't go further than their garden gate,

and have a limited view of everything!

16/08/2013 15:05
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