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16/04/2013 10:30

Building mocked for resembling a giant penis

The People's Daily office building has been derided for looking like a certain part of the male anatomy.

People's Daily building (© Rex)

If someone in Beijing directs you to the 'Big Penis', they aren't pointing you to some den of iniquity but rather the direction of the new 150-metre-high People's Daily newspaper building. Social media is abuzz with talk of the building, with hugchina.com saying it is a "yin and yang" match to the China Central Television building (CCTV) which is nicknamed 'Big Underpants'.

It says: "Previously the candidate names for the new building included electric iron..., penguin, and stinkpot. But now after more pictures of the building circulated on the internet, it seems the name big penis gains common consensus among Chinese online population."

23/04/2013 17:53
takes balls to design something like that
23/04/2013 18:12
Looks more like a Bankers building spelt with a w :)
29/04/2013 12:00
Whoever erected that has got some balls.
27/04/2013 14:39
terrible building i think the architect made a right cockup designing it...
28/04/2013 14:19
That will be a permanent turn- on point for female passers by
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